Don’t mix with good company..

One day I was taking class at school on how it feels to get compliments from others. In an activity, each student had to write her name on a piece of paper and pass it on to next person. The person who gets her paper reads the name and writes a compliment for that student. Like this each paper must contain at least 5 compliments.

That day Sarah also took part in the exercise. Sarah was in the fifth standard and suffered from speech problem. Apart from that, she was an obedient girl and her work was praiseworthy.

But as Sarah passed on her paper, I noticed, whoever got the paper did not want to write anything on it. By the end of the activity, I collected all papers and was shocked to see that despite of the whole class getting 5 compliments each, Sarah got only two points written. Moreover, they were not compliments, but complains.

This made me felt bad. I knew from before that Sarah was often cornered by her classmates but honestly, I did not expect them to be so rude. Upon inquiring, I learned that the class did not prefer to mix with her because she she was not “good” due to her inability to speak like others. And children had been specifically instructed by their parents “to mix with good company“.

The point here is…instead of teaching our children to mix with good company, lets’ teach them to BE A GOOD COMPANY.

When children are trained be become good company for others, their mind learns to broaden horizons and the heart learns acceptance. Let us teach our children to accept others with an open heart, no matter how much others are different. Friendship is not always about looking for someone who will be there with you, it is also about being some who will be there for others.


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